Saying Bieber is innocent:
Guys, he’s not. Have you actually watched the drag race video? When they pass by those leaves and bushes it’s almost as though it’s really windy but it’s really the cars passing by making them do that. They aren’t doing it before the cars pass. I don’t care what his blood alcohol level was, he’s still underage and had some to drink and drove. And he was under the influence of drugs. Oh and let’s not mention he didn’t have a valid license and he was resisting arrest without violence. He’s not innocent, stop trying to say he is.

I’m fighting with a Belieber on Instagram right now because I commented on his new picture saying he “reached a new level of stupidity and needed to get help.” Lol some of these Beliebers I swear. Not all! Just some are so insane.

Ok I’ve seriously had enough of this kid AND his family. Justin gets out of jail and what does he do? Drinks. He fucking drinks. And his dad allows him too.. It’s sick. If that were my kid, I would get them out of jail, look them straight in the eye and tell them, “We are going home, you’re taking a break.” They are all trash. Like where the hell is Pattie?! Where the hell is the parenting for Justin? All you Bieber fans cannot stand up for him anymore. It just can’t happen. Most people I talk to HATE Bieber. Gee, wonder why?

On the real though, nobody can defend Justin with this one. So people that are should just.. Stop.


I hate Justin Bieber but
made me laugh


I hate Justin Bieber but

made me laugh

what does jlaw being a good role model have to do with the awards??

What does her being white have to do with the awards?

People that are angry that Jennifer won her Golden Globe need to chill the fuck out. Shes a GOOD actress. Obviously, because it’s her second Golden Globe. It’s not because she’s white either. Black people get so angry if white people say that shit, so why is it ok to hate on whites? A lot of people look up to Jen because she’s a GOOD ROLE MODEL. Hollywood doesn’t really have that for teens. I personally look up to her, so people just need to chill. It’s an award show.. Theres nothing you can do. She’s already won. And if you wanna pull the white card.. I could pull the black card so much about award shows. But I wouldn’t. Because that’s racist as fuck.


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